Reviews from beautiful clients

I have just had another beautiful reiki session with Cherie at her hilltop retreat, the ambience of her garden, her calming crystals and the stillness of nature all around added to the experience.  I have tried other reiki practitioners in the past but have never felt the energy move in my body like it does with Cherie. I truly feel as if she is helping me move through past and present issues and removing blockages. I came away feeling calm, filled with love and reconnected to myself. Thank you Cherie, you are an Angel, and I can't wait to come back for more.

Becky Bruins Matamata

Yoga teacher/Registered nurse

I’ve known Cherie for some time now, and she has such a lovely, easy going, and fun demeaner about her. I ended up in a very dark place during my struggles with post-natal depression & anxiety & I called on Cherie to see if she could help me. I was absolutely helpless & desperate. Cherie made space to see me urgently for a reiki treatment, and I can honestly say to this day, her reiki treatment was the beginning, of the end of my PND. My treatment that day was surreal. The drive out into the mountains, the beautiful calm feeling at Cherie’s space where she practises, all added to the most surreal healing experience. Cherie spoke with confidence & reassurance, and continued with what I can only describe as a life changing reiki treatment. I truely cannot thank her enough. - Lisa

Rose Quartz Flame.jpg

Thank you Cherie for sharing with me your amazing collection of crystals. A "get away" was exactly what I needed and following a call to Reiki Master, Cherie Carey I arrived at her Studio and Shop, Soul Expansion. From being exhausted, stressed and anxious, I was gently empowered to reconnect my Chakras to my universal SELF. I departed from Soul Expansion with gratitude knowing that I would visit again, and soon. - Carol

Soul Expansion has a great assortment of high quality crystals from small tumbles to large geodes. Cherie is very knowledgeable about her crystals and absolutely lovely to deal with. If you are looking for crystals I would definitely recommend you give Cherie a call to arrange a visit to her shop. - Julia

Soul Expansion is fabulous and Cherie is the lovely and very knowledgeable owner who will help you find exactly what you are looking for amongst her wide range of beautiful and unusual crystals, books, jewellery, salt lamps and much more! Get your friends together and message Cherie to make a time to visit her gorgeous home-based shop. - Cath